quarta-feira, 4 de maio de 2011

O Rio de Janeiro continua lindo

J: Was good to see you yesterday teddy:)
P: Yeah me too :)
J: Even if I don't get kisses or to hold your hand... :)
P: My hand
J: Yes... your hand.
P: Ta bom

J: Oh and I forgot to tell you, me and marcos talked for about 30minutes and I got to choose which family to go next...
P: Go to marina's family, i don't want to change my family
J: Sorry but I picked the family your with now
P: No no... I don't want to change... :(
J: Why? My family is good.
P: Yeah i know but i love my family, i don't want to change teddy :(
J: Okay look, I'm kidding, marcos told me I was going to your family next but I talked to him and told him ild like to go to the other one and its okay if I go to your family last, and I got him to say okay, so I'm going to the other family, I did it for you teddy
P: Really? Aww teddy thanks
J: Its okay, I didn't want to make you sad.
P: Teddy thanks muah
J: Would love that kiss... I don't get why you said no to us kissing
J: So we can kiss again or no?
P: Yeah

J: want to come over? I want my teddy...
P: Mmm haha now it's late, i can't
J: Awww, but I want my cuddle
P: Tomorrow
J: Okay then, I guess I will except that. and a kiss? Haha

J: Maybe one night on the cruise we can?


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