quinta-feira, 7 de outubro de 2010


You know, I tryed to not write about you here, in no case. And then all those thing happens and I felt that, if I don't talk with myself about it, I could explode. You could read this, I don't mind about you any more. 
I never mind when someone say that you are a idiot, actually I defend you all the time. And, know what ? I'm the idiot here by doing this. When I call you, you never answer. (Grr, I don't know why I'm writing this, you don't deserve my attention D:) 
In the last 24 hours, everything that I thought about you just gone with the friendship that I thought we had. You only care about yourself (hahaha, I already knew that, I have to admit.) and you told to me things that I never imagined that you could say. And the worst is hypocrisy, saying that you don't know why I was so mad. 
Ahh, I'm tired. Today was one of the worst days ever. I'll sleep now, and I don't wanna talk to you tomorrow (or never, hihi), but I have the duty D: 
Well, good night to you, I think the mine will be like all others this week.

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